Spoon Service

REASON ENOUGH TO TRAVEL: Spoon Service, the Landsby way.

Is there anything better than a pint of ice cream to top off the day? Nope, we couldn’t think of anything either – that’s why we’ve curated the very best ice cream from our local friends at McConnells Ice Cream, just for you.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1949. Almost 70 years later, they still make ice creams from scratch, in small batches, with Central Coast, grass-grazed milk & cream pasteurized from raw at their creamery at The Old Dairy (c. 1934) and the finest local, sustainable and organic, raw ingredients, sourced from partner farms, artisans and purveyors they’ve worked with, in many cases, for decades.

The result? Fine ice creams of impeccable balance, purity of flavor and smoothly consistent texture. Yum!

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